1. f.Ability to speak or write effectively in order to
delight, strike a chord or persuade.

(From the Latin word eloquentia).

About us

Elocutio is the result of 15 years experience in the world of translation and is founded by Ana González Corcho (founding partner of atWords): English to Spanish translator, reviewer and linguist.

We have only one objective: to make your text effective: If it’s a user manual, the user needs to be able to understand the text and its terminology. It needs to be consistent and have precise references. In the case of press releases or news reports, readers need to receive the information in a punchy, summarized, clear, appealing way.

Spanish language is our passion. We do our best to translate to the most suitable Spanish for each situation and target. We know what your texts need and we know how to do it. You can rely on us.

All translations into Spanish 100% in-house (special requests or adaptations made with qualified external translators/reviewers).

About us


Please write to us for more information about our services without any obligation. We will be happy to help you.

We create effective texts.

A wide range of language services at your disposal, aimed at getting high quality texts in Spanish. Please contact us to know how we can help you.